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iMotion Automotive Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

iMotion, founded in December 2016 and headquartered in Suzhou China, is an AI startup company providing automated driving system solutions for OEM customers.

Besides the core algorithms in automated driving domains including sensor data fusion, decision & planning and vehicle control, we also have sufficient
competences in automotive hardware /software / system design and validation, providing full stack R&D capabilities for automated driving solutions. now has R&D centers both in Suzhou China and Saarbruecken Germany, and owns an automotive manufacturing plant in Suzhou. We have a close
cooperation with world-class partners including Mobileye and DFKI. is devoted to innovation and industrialization of intelligent driving technologies,
and strive to become the leading automated driving company in China.

Worldwide Location

iMotion Germany GmbH

iMotion Germany GmbH

iMotion Germany GmbH is a research division of iMotion Automotive Technology Co. Ltd. The company is based inside the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI, Saabrücken Germany) known as the biggest AI research organization in the world. An outstanding group of talented and highly motivated researchers, winners of the International Automotive Competition 2015, are covering unrevealed till now aspects of autonomous driving by simulating rare and very unique scenarios with the overall goal of reaching L4/L5 levels of AD.
iMotion Germany GmbH offers a unique opportunity for outstanding students to pursue a PhD degree in the field of Computer Science by applying an obtained set of knowledge to the AD challenges. Research conducted by iMotion Germany covers the following topics: Low-Level Sensor Fusion, V2X Communication, Data Synthesis, optimization of Neural Networks, Functional Safety.

Contacts: CEO Dr. Christian Müller <>
Address:Campus D3 2, Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3, Saarbrücken, 66123, Germany

  • iMotion Changshu

    iMotion Changshu

    iMotion Changshu, as iMotion ENG test center, has cooperation with IVPCC which provides typical scenarios for ADAS function test.

  • iMotion Electronics

    iMotion Electronics

    iMotion Electronics, as iMotion manufacturing plant, has sufficient project experiences with OEMs.

iMotion Suzhou

iMotion Suzhou

Headquarter of iMotion, with full stack R&D capabilities for automated driving solutions.



Company established


R&D contract from OEMs


Pre-A round financing,
invested by CHJ and FutureCap


Tier1 partnership of Mobileye
Series project contract from OEMs


Wholly owned manufacturing
plant established


A round financing,
invested by GZVCM and FutureCap


iMotion Germany established

Core Members

Walt Song

Founder & CEO

Walt Song

Founder & CEO

> Founder of Bosch China ADAS team

> 10 years work experience in Bosch,Engineering Director of Bosch ADAS team

> GM of KSS Active Safety China

> Msc National University of Science and Technology

Calvin Lu


Calvin Lu


> 10 years engineering & management experience in automotive industry

> HoD Bosch ADAS Engineering

> ADAS & AD system expert

> Msc Edinburgh University

Christian Mueller

CEO of iMotion Germany
Chief Scientist

Christian Mueller

CEO of iMotion Germany, Chief Scientist

> DFKI Automated Driving Competence Center, Director & Research Fellow

> 20 years research in automotive HMI / Simulation / Automated Driving

> Father of OpenDS - global leading simulation environment

> PhD Saarland University,Visiting Fellow of California Berkeley

Alan Li

Director of Software

Alan Li

Director of Software

> 10 years automotive software develoment experience

> HoD software development of Bosch ADAS

> Worked in Bosch Headquarter

> ADAS & AD software expert

> Msc Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Hong Luo

Director of Hardware

Hong Luo

Director of Hardware

> 10 years automotive electronics engineering experience

> Hardware design leader of Bosch Automotive Electronics

> Top Inventor of Bosch 2014

> Automotive Electronics expert

Kim Zhu

Sales Director

Kim Zhu

Sales Director

> 15 years sales and promotion work experience in automated industry

> In charge of ADAS products sales and marketing of Bosch

> Sales expert of automobile part molds

Core Competence

Core Technology

> Sensor Data Fusion

> Planning and Decision-making Algorithm

> Automotive system and HW/SW design competence

> Vehicle dynamic control

> Control by Wire technology

Professional Team

> China's first group of ADAS/automated driving experts

> Research fellow from the world leading research center for AI

> Full-stack team functions

Project Experiences

> Tremendous customer SOP project experiences

> Deep understanding of Chinese specific traffic situation and optimization solution

> New platform development experiences

> Proficient in sensors and actuators interface


> Massive engineering experience for OEM business

> Deep understanding of market and customer requirements

> Deep understanding of automotive standard(IATF16949, ISO26262, AUTOSAR…)

> Own manufacturing plant